Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Work, Monterey Cypress Trees

Point Lobos, Monterey Pines, atmospheric, fog, mood, monochromatic, grey
Point Lobos Path With Steps © 2012 Katherine Kean
oil on linen  18 x 14 in.

This is a new oil in a series inspired by the coastal path through Monterey Cypress Trees at Point Lobos, California. Some earlier studies that this developed from can be found here.


Melissa said...

Very nice!

Katherine said...

Melissa, thanks!

Derek said...

That is wonderful, Katherine!

Hope you are OK and that 2008 is a successful year for you!


Katherine said...

Thanks Derek!

A great 2008 to you too!

Derek said...

I look forward to visiting this blog more and seeing your fabulous art!

dungan said...

that's spooky and lovely. i know that trail well. last time i hiked it, two barded owls were in the cypress trees. it felt pretty numinous.

Katherine said...

Hi Dungun,

Thanks-the Cypress Grove with owls-what a treat! It is a magical place, full of moods.