Monday, November 12, 2007

Helsinki Complaints Choir

Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen collected the pet peeves and angst-ridden pleas of people in Helsinki and then composed this choral work around the list of complaints. Music composed by Esko Grundström.

This was fun and it's interesting to see how the compaints in Helsinki compare with our own. There are also complaints choirs for Birmingham, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, and Poikkilaakso. There's a website just for Complaint Choirs of the World and there you can vote for your favorite one.


Cynthia Friedlob said...

I love this post! I love this choir! Maybe we can form a group of complaint artists!

Katherine said...

Hi Cynthia,

Glad you enjoyed it!

howard said...

I listened to the Chicago group.

What a nice harmonious musical melodic way to bitch and whine
about something!

Why they even left out the cuss words from their griping lyrics!

I like to see them do their complaints in a doo wop style.
What an idea!