Thursday, March 02, 2006

Caffeine Withdrawal

It's fasting season and I am doing a partial fast which includes not drinking coffee-caffeinated coffee, since I will still drink decaf. I am also avoiding foods with refined sugar. So far it has been a lot easier to not indulge in sweets, probably because there is always fruit as an alternative. Not drinking coffee was okay for the first 24 hours and then a stubborn headache kicked in. I nursed it along for several hours and then finally had some decaf with a little bit of real caffeine added. I guess I will have to let go of coffee gradually.


Zataod said...

I always have to take the gradual approach when I go cold-turkey on coffee. I seem to quit coffee a couple times a year.

Katherine said...

Hi zataod,

I was surprised. I must have been drinking more coffee than I had realized.

Cassandra said...

Hi Katherine,

I gave up sweets four days ago, too, and it's killing me. There are times I want a treat, and popcorn just doesn't cut it. I wonder why the sweet taste is so addictive, and so comforting.

Katherine said...

Hi Cassandra,

I think we are hard wired to want the sweets.

I noticed that I am starting to crave bread now....

Hang in there!