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Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's August Already?

I've been catching up on all the things that I'd been putting off, including; small home repairs and gardening. I've been researching rain water collection systems - I'd love to get one installed before the next rainy season starts - in October or November.

I'm signed up to attend a lucid dream workshop this fall. My dreams have been wild since I signed up - but except for one - not lucid.

And, I've been painting of course. TAG will have a group show in October, in addition to the two person exhibit in the West Gallery, the East Gallery will be all work 12 x 12". Currently the piece below is available, and can be found in the North Gallery.

Above and Below 18 x 24" oil on linen


Art and Poetry said...

Beautiful painting I like it very much. I am looking for links, would you like a link?
My Blog is:


Katherine said...

Thank you!

Yes, I'd love a link - enjoyed your blogs.