Thursday, February 23, 2006


In wondering about red and blue I've come to thinking about a relationship of the Buddhist teaching of the Middle Way and the wisdom of remaining unattached to positionality and identification.

It's like a high wire act-not identifying with a position allows the infinite adjustments required to stay balanced.


Zataod said...

I keep trying to remind myself all the time to find the Middle Way. My tendency in a lot of things is to go a little overboard at time.

I find many times in dreams there is a tension going on between 2 sides of our personality. I think someone once called it a dynamic conflict. Ideally, I would like to help those opposites find some common ground and learn to work together.

Katherine said...

I've noticed that tension too and perhaps some of it is inevitable in life. I am thinking that for myself the going overboard, or leaning too much in one direction or the other is caused by the identification, that without that things would flow more easily.

Cassandra said...

So . . . would the Middle Way be purple? ;-) I couldn't resist!

Katherine said...

Ha! Cassandra, it very well may be. :)