Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hearty Leviathans

I dreamed that I was offered a box of "Hearty Leviathans" for breakfast. I thought they were a kind of breakfast bar, although the cover of the box displayed a stack of food in a pyramidal shape that included pancakes, sausages and mashed potatoes. I thought that they ought to have lingonberries in the ingredients and turned the box over and over (it was empty) looking for the ingredients listing. I was squinting, trying to find it, when I was distracted by the approach of three drunk men.


jude cowell said...

Hi Katherine,

Found your blog--and your beautiful Art Gallery--from BlogTopSites.

Interesting dream ya got there--i'm assuming you had it Before the bottlenosed whale swam up the Thames today...?!?

Or perhaps "leviathan " means something else to you!

Anway, i love the visionary quality of your paintings, and wish you the best from

an artist in GA,


JustTerry said...

I loved this post!!

Katherine said...

Hi Jude,

Thanks and yes, that dream was from the 15th. Thanks for the heads up-I hadn't heard about the whale swimming up the Thames. That's pretty amazing-I hope it gets turned around.


Katherine said...

Thanks JustTerry!